Dr. Siavash Arani is licensed Physician(MD) with a main focus in diagnosing and treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). His medical graduate clinical training was in well known prestigious institution, Mayo Clinic and Hospital and MMC in Phoenix.

He received faculty appointment from Loma Linda University School of Medicine as an Instructor of Medicine at his first position upon graduation. He was later promoted to one of the youngest assistant clinical Professor of Medicine in LLU.

He subsequently founded one of the largest STD/ HPV institution in California and the U.S with new revolutionary approach. He quickly became well known in this field and been chosen to give expert input as foremost pronoun physician to many news media network regarding various topic in STDs and HPV to this date. His innovative approach of treating HPV warts with new ideology made him pioneer and internationally recognized physician in aforementioned field. He has evaluate and treated tens of thousands of HPV patients from all over the world and the U.S. with significant success rate to this date.

"I was always perplexed in evaluation and treating HPV patients of why we are seeing patients over and over again for the treatment of the same individual wart. In this way, I realized the destruction of genital warts is one thing while the prevention of relapses is another. Today, experience is the main contributor to my success of treating tens of thousands of HPV patients to this date.

As a patient with genital warts you must read, get educated, know the pathophysiology of your condition and always explore your option before wisely choosing your treatment. I prepare this book for patients whom suffer from this silent intruder as I always believed knowledge is power. Power of overcoming this devastating epidermic. I Prepare this book based on my years of experience of treating HPV warts."

Dr. S. Arani, M.D.



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