There has been many so many treatment modalities available probably because of desperate multilateral approach and confusion to find the way to treat warts. Every doctor and clinician has his own certain preferences.

Dr. Arani’s innovative approach of 3 step Micro Destruction comes from his years of exclusive experience of treating HPV warts treatment. He mastered his technique by Micro removal many of which done under microscope.

Microsurgical instrument is utilized for removal followed by 2 additional destruction steps to eliminate the growth once for all. During your private consultation you can be sure that we will be pleased to answer any question regarding the right approach for you.

During your visit we will fully examine you with different diagnostic tools such as filtered light, Microscope or  Macroscope to make sure we are not missing any warts at time of the treatment. Physician must have an important goal at the time of the treatment and that would be that there will be no warts left when patient leave the clinic.

Area of the infection has its own characteristic. That is important element because the technical approach might be different. Pubic skin is thicker, Scrotum is thinner. Penile skin is keratinized while anal skin is mucosal.
Outstanding result is what we are proud of.

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D.r’s Note

"I was always perplexed in evaluation and treating HPV patients of why we are seeing patients over and over again for the treatment of the same individual warts. In this way, I realized the destruction of genital warts is one thing while the prevention of relapses is another.

Today, experience is the main contributor to my success of treating tens of thousands of HPV patients to this date. As a patient with genital warts you must read, get educated, know the pathophysiology of your condition and always explore your option before wisely choosing your right treatment.

Treatment of genital and anal warts is challenging art work.                                   
Genital warts are stubborn STD and they don't go away as easily as skin tag or moles. We have treated thousands in the past with a high success rates and excellent outcomes. It demands clinical experience and skill.  We take them off your body one after the other."

S. Arani, M.D.


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